How to Fix Double Glazing Window Locks

Our homes serve one singular purpose above all others, keeping our families and us safe. We want to make sure that our loved ones and we can all sleep through the night soundly in their beds, knowing that they’ll be safe from the outside world until they wake up, which is why staying on top of the locks around your home. Our homes don’t just keep us safe either. They also keep our prized possessions safe!

Windows are structural weaknesses in our houses. They give us the natural light that we need to stop our homes from feeling like prisons, but they’re easy targets for potential intruders. When it comes to double glazing, the locks will be coming as part of the frame. With modern design innovations, uPVC, Aluminium and timber frames all have exceptionally good multi-locking systems to keep your home secure at all times.

how to repair double glazing window lock

Although it’s not a common issue, double glazing window handles do break. It can come as a bit of a shock when it does happen due to its apparent rarity. Sometimes a handle may also appear broken when it just needs adjusting after being worn down through use, like anything else in the house!

If your handling is loose, it will feel slack, like it’s wobbling off the window or not holding in place. If this is the case, follow these easy steps:

  1. Remove the cap that covers the screws
  2. Tighten the top screw
  3. Lift the handle to reveal the bottom screw
  4. Tighten the bottom screw
  5. Pop the cap back on

Definitely one of the simpler measures you can take to keep your window locks in working order but absolutely an important one as the handle is what controls the locking system. If it loses its strength, you may be revealing a weakness in the window to potential intruders.

If your window lock is stuck, essentially the opposite of being loose, then this will take a bit more work. It’s more than likely you’ll need to get a professional in to have a look at it unless you’re handy with the tools.

You’ll need to get yourself a replacement handle from the shop. The majority of hardware suppliers will have them. You’re likely going to need to cut it to fit to size before screwing it into the window. Once it’s the right size, you’ll want to screw it into place and make sure it works before getting rid of the old one. This is something a professional will be able to do for relatively cheap compared to many repair jobs.

If at any point you are suspicious of whether the locks on your windows are still working, it is always a good idea to give them a gentle test from the outside to make sure they don’t come away easily. Potential intruders will be looking for easier targets, so make sure that your window isn’t one of them! A little tug from the outside with the window fully locked should be enough to make sure.

Furthermore, if you’re feeling a draft coming through one of the windows, and you’re sure that the double glazing hasn’t blown, it might be good to check that the window is shutting properly.

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