How Thick is Double Glazing?

Double glazing provides many benefits to the home. These include but aren’t limited to improved thermal insulation, noise reduction and increased security. Double glazing achieves this by providing the home with windows and doors that are exceptionally thicker than their single glazing counterparts.

The innovation came around in the 1980s when uPVC also hit the scene and became the standard across British homes. Here at Double Glazing on the Web, we want our customers to become experts on the nature of double glazing so that they know what they’re purchasing when they’re making home renovations. So today, we wanted to focus on how thick double glazing is and how that helps the home.

The Facts

  1. A single glass pane is usually around 4mm thick.
  2. Double glazing then provides two panes of glass for a total of 8mm
  3. The gap between the glass is usually between 6mm to 20mm
  4. 12mm is the most common space between the two panes of glass
  5. Thickness of the whole installation is, on average, 24mm thick
  6. This can be customized to suit your specific needs from most companies.

What does the gap between the glass do?

The gap between the glass panels, otherwise known as the air pocket, is most often filled with a thermally insulating gas, usually argon, to keep the home insulated. When cold air from the outside comes into contact with the outer pane of glass, it is important to separate that pane from the interior pane.

By separating the two panes with a layer of insulating gas, the thermal energy is slowed from leaking out of the house. It doesn’t stop it completely from leaving home. However, it drastically reduces how much heat is lost. This keeps the home warm throughout the year on less energy, saving you money and keeping your carbon footprint down.

Can I customise the thickness of my windows?

Yes, you absolutely can! The glass itself is usually 4mm thick, but you can request to have one pane thicker than the other or have both thicker than the average. Having thicker glass will increase all of the benefits of double glazing.

You can also choose to have the gap increased between the two panes of glass which similarly improves the performance of the windows in all areas. This particularly helps with thermal insulation as it allows more thermally insulating gas to be placed in the installation. However, this comes with a price increase that can be explained to you by your installer if you ask them.

What do we do here at Double Glazing on the Web

Our goal is to make sure that our customers are fully aware of the best prices on the market for their double glazing installations. With us, you can be assured that our industry expertise and connections will provide you with the most competitive selection of costs from various installers.

We also want to make sure that our customers are experts on double glazing so that they know what they’re buying and can ask the right questions to the right people when the time comes.

If you’re interested, please feel free to use our online quoting engine today and start your next home improvement project with Double Glazing on the Web!

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