Tempered glass is starting to become a popular choice for homes, and it’s easy to see why. This type of glass is highly durable and safer than standard glazing for your home. While you may already have a window with double glazing, one thing that can always play on your mind is the risk of a break.

After all, cracks can appear out of nowhere in older units, and you can never rule out the possibility of a ball flying through your window. However, standard glass isn’t that tough – in fact, it’s fragile.

Because of this, you might be running the risk of a break happening sooner than you think. And that’s where the tempered glass comes into play. While it’s still double glazing, tempered glass, sometimes known as toughened, goes through a chemical heating process that makes your windows much more robust.

The glazing has thermal controls too, meaning it can deal with more extreme temperatures than double glazing. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about random breaks, or even stress and pressure cracks from high heat.

As a result, you can get windows for your home that won’t let you down. Not only that, but tempered glass can make daily life in your home a little safer. Unlike normal glass, which can shatter violently and leave glass all over your floor, tempered glass will granulate. That means it’ll turn into thousands of much smaller pieces, which are straightforward to sweep up and even hoover-friendly.

And, finally, tempered glass can help you insulate your home even more effectively. That way, you can save money, stress, and the costs you might have had to deal with in the case of a break.

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How Does Tempered Glass Work?

How tempered glass works is by making your windows much harder to break. The process that creates it involves high temperatures and chemical treatment in some cases. Firstly, a manufacturer will cut glass into the right size for your windows.

After that, they’ll examine the glazing for any imperfection, and use an abrasive like sandpaper to remove the sharp edges. Then, they’ll subject it to industry-standard heat of up to 620 degrees centigrade.

Once the tempered glass is toasty, to say the least, it goes through the opposite process. A high-pressure cooling procedure begins immediately afterwards, which is known as ‘quenching’. While it only lasts seconds, the high-pressure air nozzles around the glass make a colossal impact, bringing the temperature down rapidly.

Because it’s so quick, the outside of the glass cools much more quickly than the centre. As a result, the centre of the design remains in tension, while the outer sides go into compression. That’s how tempered glass gains its unbelievable strength.

Compression and tension together are far more secure than an only tense design. Because of this, while standard glass can withstand forces of up to 6,000psi, tempered glass reaches 24,000. That means the glazing is FOUR times as durable and has a quarter of the likelihood of breaking.

The difference, then, is stark, and only becomes more apparent in side-by-side testing. While a ball can break clean through standard double glazing, it bounces off tempered glass without causing any effect. That way, how tempered glass works for your home is by giving you total peace of mind.

The Benefits Of Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is almost bulletproof. Not only is it four times less likely to break than standard glass, but the design makes this likelihood reduce yet still. Because the outside of the glazing is in compression, the outer area of tempered glass is five times less likely to break.

As a result, the design protects the centre of the model, making a clean break much less likely. Also, because of the thermal heating and cooling process, the glass suffers from sudden heat change much less. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about sudden stress or pressure breaks.

Even if it does break, tempered glass is much safer. The thermal treatment process makes the glass compress, meaning it’s less likely to break outward. Instead, in the case of a heavy impact, the glass can granulate and compress inwards, rather than breaking into shards that fly outwards.

Therefore, a lot of glass can stay off your floor, and only tiny shards will get there if the glazing should crack. That way, you can make stepping on broken glass a forgotten problem inside your home. And, with the incredible strength of tempered glass, you’re much less likely to need to worry!

Also, tempered glass is durable enough for more than your home. If you run a business or a commercial building, then tempered glass can help you make that more secure. If you run a retail store, then tempered glass is especially useful. If a shoplifter should try and break the glazing to gain access, they won’t be able to put enough force in to cause a crack.

That way, you can get valuable time to stop them in their tracks. And, finally, tempered glass is even more efficient than standard double glazing. That means you could save money on your energy bills.

How Tempered Glass Works vs Other Glass Types

Annealed glass is the trade term to describe the standard double glazing in most homes. This kind of glazing has a suitable performance for homes and can help you save energy. However, annealed glass doesn’t have a lot of strength.

While durable frames like uPVC and aluminium can reinforce the glass, along with multi-point locking systems to prevent intruders prising it apart, a break is never far away. If you live in a neighbourhood where ball games break out, then there’s always a chance your glazing could break too.

How tempered glass works in comparison to annealed glass is through strengthening. Thanks to the thermal process it undergoes, the design is in compression rather than tension. That means it’s much less likely to break, and it’ll shatter more safely too.

Not only that, but the treatments that tempered glass goes through don’t affect the window negatively. Even with some chemical treatments, there’ll be no effect on the way it lets light through to your home. Additionally, you can get tinted tempered glass with the option of customisable RAL colours.

An alternative, though, is laminated glass. Laminated glazing works similarly to tempered glass, but doesn’t go through any treatments. Instead, there is a 3mm PVB plastic sheet that goes in between the glass panels. That way, the whole design has more strength and durability.

If the glass should break, then the durable resin PVB sheet in the system will hold more of the glass in place. Because of this, the glass can break safely. Laminated glass is most popular commercially, as its multi-layered design provides even more strength than tempered glass for shops and businesses.

However, laminated glass is heavier. As a result, it might end up putting a strain on your window frames, as well as the internal hardware. You could, then, have to deal with a window that loses its smooth operation after only a few short years.

Additionally, the laminate design is more expensive than tempered glass and stays in tension rather than the safer state of compression. Because of this, you’ll be less secure, and you’ll be paying more. How tempered glass works is by giving you the best possible performance for a deal that makes good on your investment.

Saving Money On Tempered Glass

When you decide to install tempered glass windows in your home, then you can expect to pay a bit more. However, there are plenty of ways you can save money on your investment. One way is to replace the glass in your current windows alone.

If you have fairly modern designs that use durable frames like uPVC or aluminium, then they have plenty of years of life left. With tempered glass, though, you’ll make your whole window more secure and more durable, with almost no chance of breakage. That way, you’ll get peace of mind on the price today, and on the safety of your home tomorrow.

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Tempered Glass Prices

All you have to do is compare your options with our online quote builder! This interactive tool lets you choose new tempered glass in size and in the shape you need, or a whole new window altogether! Once you’ve got what you’re looking for, we can give you a quote instantly, and put you in touch with suppliers on your doorstep.

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