Authentic Wooden Windows

Wooden windows last for longer than you might think. One of the main concerns many buyers have about timber designs is that they can wear down quickly. Because the material isn’t weatherproof, wind and rain can cause problems to the frame.

However, if you’re willing to maintain your windows, then you could make them last longer than more advanced options for your home.

Because of this, there’s no need to sacrifice a traditional look for your home. New timber windows combine the authentic style of older designs but with new approaches, including modern glazing and hardware.

Also, these innovative windows are an enormous step up on older timber windows. As a result, replacing your old windows with new wooden options can save you money, as well as a lot of time.

Timber windows are infamous for being challenging to maintain. However, modern timber designs have cut this to a minimum. Many suppliers use treated wood in these advanced windows, which is more able to deal with poor weather conditions and less likely to crack.

Although you’ll still need to repaint and revarnish the wood every so often, though, doing this can make your windows last much longer.

And that’s perhaps the most significant benefit of installing new wooden windows in your home. Each time you do repaint the window, you can start its lifespan all over again.

Wooden windows, as a result, can continue to perform for your home for 60 years at least. However, with regular checks, you could even make them last for over a century, making them a long-lasting investment that can transform your home.

Benefits of Wooden Windows

Wooden windows, in many ways, are a more worthwhile investment than more modern designs. For a start, you can preserve a traditional look that no other material can match.

Your wooden frame will have an impact and weight that all your guests will notice, adding statement quality to your living space. Also, you can choose from different hardwoods, like mahogany and pine, to get a precise look.

These stunning designs are also handmade. While many uPVC windows can look factory-made, crafting a beautiful wooden window is an artisan practice. When you invest in a timber option for your home, you’ll be making yourself part of hundreds of years of history.

However, these windows won’t live in the past. In fact, your timber will be completely renewable and environmentally friendly.

Also, timber windows add genuine value to your home. While older designs are known for their inefficiency, these innovative options are much better at insulating your home.

Compared to your old timber windows, they’ll help to trap more heat and ensure you don’t rely on your central heating. As a result, you’ll be able to save money on bills, and you can increase the value of your property as well.

Finally, your new wooden windows are an investment built to last. Timber windows can last for 60 years at least, which is impressive in itself. But what you might not know is that’s twice as long as uPVC frames can last.

Not only that, but you can repaint the frame to ensure it maintains its performance for longer, and that also means you can restyle your windows multiple times over.


Wooden Windows vs uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are becoming the most popular option in the UK to fit as replacements for your home. However, they may not be quite as suited to your home. While uPVC is a flexible and durable material, it’s not without its flaws.

One of them is the fact that, once you have a uPVC frame, you can’t revarnish it to improve its lifespan. Once the window loses its performance, you have to replace it.

Many suppliers also say that uPVC is a much better insulator than wood, meaning it has better thermal efficiency. However, the actual difference in performance between the two materials is negligible.

Your window frame actually doesn’t make a crucial difference in the energy efficiency of the design. The glass is more vital, and you’ll be able to fit both advanced double and triple glazing in your wooden windows.

Wooden windows are more costly to install than uPVC, but the savings you’ll make from your investment will last longer. With wood’s durability, your window will perform effectively for a greater time, meaning you can save more money in the long run.

Also, you won’t have to maintain your windows as often as you may think. You’ll only have to revarnish the frame every few years, although you should carry out regular checks.

Wooden Window Glazing

In your new wooden windows, you’ll be able to combine traditional style with stunning performance. That’s because, along with your elegant wood frame, you’ll get a choice of some of the best glazing available on the market.

You can fit your new windows with either double or triple glazing, meaning you can let more light into your living space, trap more heat, and even secure your home against intruders.

Double glazing and triple glazing use two and three panes of advanced glass in their design. In each, your glass will be transparent, giving you more outstanding views of the outside world. You can also choose toughened glazing to make your window more secure.

Triple glazing offers more insulation and security than double glazing, but it can cost 30-40% more to fit, and less natural light will get into your home.

Because of this advanced glazing, though, your wooden windows will benefit from brilliant efficiency. You’ll be able to save energy inside your home and make your living space more comfortable.

Not only that, but your glazing will feature smart security hardware, including a multi-point locking system, to make sure no intruders can break through the frame. That way, you can enjoy your new window in total peace of mind.

How To Maintain Wooden Windows

Maintenance shouldn’t be something you have to dread doing. That’s why new wooden windows are making it straightforward to treat your new additions. You won’t need to invest in any special instruments to keep your windows in top condition.

All you’ll need is some mild detergent, sandpaper, a bucket of water and perhaps some paint to refresh your window and massively improve its lifespan.

You’ll only need to clean your window with some detergent first, removing any dirt or dust, and then you can inspect the window more closely. If any cracks or gaps have appeared, as well as mould and mildew, then you can refinish and fill in these gaps with ease.

Sand the frames down and use a wood filler to close off these spaces, ensuring that you don’t lose any heat from your living space.

Also, you can repaint your window with ease. That way, you can change the style of your window at the drop of a hat, giving it a new colour or pattern that’ll impress your guests.

Once you sand the window down, all you’ll have to do is paint the frame with an oil-based enamel or natural wood-stain paint, then apply a thin layer and wait for it to dry. Then, use a second layer of bold colour over it, and you’ll have a window that feels good as new.

Casement Windows

What Factors Will Affect How Long Wooden Windows Last For?

When you install wooden windows, you want to make sure that your investment will last for decades. Fortunately, you won’t have to leave it to chance.

While new timber windows are incredibly durable and robust, there are plenty of things you can do to improve their lifespan. Even the most subtle changes to how you use and install the design can make a genuine difference, making your new window an even better addition.

The location of your window can play a crucial role, for example. If you place your window in an area that often faces the sun, or doesn’t have any cover, then you’ll expose it to the elements more.

That means wind and rain have more of a chance to wear down your frame, meaning you’ll need to maintain it more regularly. Due to this, being selective with where you fit your new windows can help.

Additionally, the installation of your windows is crucial. Making sure you use a reputable installer not only improves the lifespan of your window but can help you save money too.

That’s where using Double Glazing On The Web can make a genuine difference. Rather than find a supplier yourself, which can be time-consuming and risky, you can use our services to get in touch with local installers in your area.

Wooden Window Prices UK

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