Double glazing works to transform the way your home uses energy. However, how exactly does it do it? Double glazing might be the most influential invention in home improvements in decades. That’s because it has a straightforward design, but double glazing can help you make an enormous difference to your living space.

Double glazing windows use two panes of glass, encased in a durable frame that uses uPVC or aluminium. As a result, the design is air and water-tight, creating a thermal barrier that keeps warmth in and cold out.

But how does double glazing work? The crucial design element of double glazing is that it creates more space for air to travel through. Not only that but with two panes of glass instead of one, there’s more to block it.

With more space between the panes, you can minimise the conduction effect, which slows down heat transfer. Because of this, you can make it much less likely for cold air to travel into your home. Instead of your home’s temperatures plummeting in winter, then, you can create a living space that stays comfortable all year round.

There are other features in double glazing that work to keep you warm, too. For example, the design comes with durable sealant, which protects the design from water ingress and condensation. Not only that, but the space between the glass panels is full of argon gas, which improves insulation even further.

And, perhaps most noticeably, you can fully customise new double glazing to suit you. You can get a brand-new design with Double Glazing On The Web today with the colours, finishes and accessories of your choice, all for less from a trusted local company!

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How Does Double Glazing Work To Reduce Heat Transfer?

Old windows have a lot of issues. However, perhaps the biggest one is that, without double glazing, they can’t work to warm up your home. Outdated windows can lose up to 10% of your home’s energy through a thin layer of glass and a timber frame that cracks in wind and rain.

As a result, double glazing could lead you to save money on your energy bills every single day, reducing your running costs. The design does this by creating space between the panes, using argon gas to reduce heat transfer by up to 34%. That way, you can create a thermal barrier for your home that keeps warm air inside as well.

On a typical day, your double glazing unit can work to level out the temperatures inside and outside your home. In your window, cold air can contact the outside pane but goes between your glass panels instead of your home. The argon gas slows down the conduction effect in the window and reduces heat transfer.

Because of this, the cold air levels out, becoming closer to room temperature. The same thing occurs on the other side with warmer air too. As a result, the temperature of both panels of glass is different, keeping warmth inside and miserable weather well away.

Therefore, you can take control of your home’s climate and your family’s comfort. You won’t have to worry about the temperature dropping, and rushing to turn on your radiators will turn into a relic of the past.

Instead, you can stay warm without relying on your heating, and a new double glazing unit will brighten your home with warm, natural light too. That way, you can create a living space that feels closer to nature and is cheaper to run. Double glazing can help you reduce the cost of your energy bills, and decrease your carbon footprint as well.

How Does Double Glazing Work To Reduce Solar Gain?

Double glazing can let natural light flood your home. However, it sometimes allows a little too much through. Direct sunlight, while superb in moderation, can be harmful in heavier doses.

That’s because direct sunlight produces infrared radiation and UV rays, both of which can damage furniture and fabrics in your living space. However, on its own, double glazing works poorly against solar gain. The radiation can still pass through both panes of glass, which can also cause glare – because of this, your windows might become blinding beacons of light in summer.

Fortunately, there’s a solution to stop solar gain. You can outfit your new double glazing window with low emissivity glass, or Low-E glass. Low-e glass is ideal if you have a window facing the sun, or you’re adding double glazing to a conservatory. The reason for that is that Low-E glass can stop radiation before it becomes harmful.

When sunlight travels through your window, the glass panes transfer them from short to long-wave radiation, which moves into your home and creates a greenhouse effect. Low-E glass uses a microscopic magnetron to stop that from happening, though.

The coating reflects the radiation away because of this, meaning you can protect from solar gain without sacrificing any of your home’s natural light. There are other ways you can reduce solar gain in double glazing, as well. For example, you can always customise the design with blinds, which you can control to minimise light when you need to.

As a result, you can ensure your living space doesn’t get too hot, as well as too cold. You’ll have total protection from whatever the weather can throw at you, as your new double glazing window will be fully weatherproof!

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How Does Double Glazing Work To Reduce Condensation?

Another issue double glazing works to reduce is condensation. In older windows, condensation can cause more issues the longer they last. Over time, the sealant and frames of the windows crack, break and decay. As a result, water gets into the design and increases the humidity of your home.

Over time, water builds up on the glass on both sides, and even more so in poor weather. Because of this, the whole design gets colder and eventually turns the water droplets into a mist. The moment where condensation emerges is the ‘dew point’.

The dew point is crucial to double glazing. That’s because the whole design works to stop the water reaching it. Little features throughout the design help to clear moisture, and keep air circulating throughout your home. All sealed units should feature a crystalline desiccant, which draws moisture out of the air gap to keep your window dry.

Not only that, but you can get trickle vents which ensure air enters your home even when you lock your windows at night. As a result, you won’t create the conditions that condensation loves.

How Does Double Glazing Work To Reduce Noise Pollution?

Double glazing works to create a warmer, more comfortable home for you and your family. However, you can also enjoy it with fewer distractions. There’s nothing more frustrating than coming home and hearing noise from outside, getting in the way of you doing what matters to you.

That’s why new double glazing units have durable frames to reduce noise pollution. In your new window, you can choose from a range of advanced materials for your design. There are uPVC and aluminium options, both of which you can style with unique colours and finishes.

With these durable frames, you’ll get as much sound insulation as you will thermal insulation. As a result, any loud sounds won’t be able to pass through these thick frames, giving you privacy and peace of mind. Additionally, with two panes of glass, you’ll weaken the sound waves far more than you can with only one layer.

When sound passes through an object, the waves vibrate with the contact, decreasing the intensity of the noise. Therefore, double glazing can work to lessen sound by several decibels. You’ll get a more private living space that way, where you’ll always feel in complete control.

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How Does Double Glazing On The Web Work To Reduce Prices?

Finding out how double glazing works is one thing. However, how does reducing the price of double glazing work? After all, when you search for a company to fit new windows for your home yourself, you can get sky-high quotes, large travel costs, and you never know if you can trust your installer.

But with Double Glazing On The Web, you can work with us to bring those costs back under your control. Instead of giving you quotes for designs of our own, we put you in touch with local companies who can provide you market-leading double glazing on your doorstep.

As a result, you won’t have to pay high travel costs, deal with any of the premiums national brands can charge, or wait months for the fitting. A local provider will provide you with a friendly, personalised service quicker and for less cost as well.

For added peace of mind, many of the suppliers in our network have accreditation from bodies like FENSA and CERTASS. Not only that, but you can speak to several of them during the quoting process. That way, you can find the best deal for you, and negotiate it even lower, with a supplier of your choice.

All you have to do to make your double glazing deal work for you is use our online quote builder today. Alternatively, get in touch by filling out our online contact form, or call our team directly on 0800 015 5679!