How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

double glazing cost is affected by a number of factors

Double glazing prices are calculated on the basis of a number of factors. As a result, it is quite difficult to come up with a general figure. There is no ‘one size fits all’. This means that if you want to get an accurate estimate of your double glazing cost, you will need to know exactly what you want. So what are the factors that affect double glazing cost?

Well, the prices depend on things like the material of the frames, the style of the double glazing, etc. The glass type and design also plays a part, as does the type of hardware and finishes. Other factors like the energy performance, installation costs, and the number of floors in your property will also affect your double glazing cost.

To start calculating your double glazing cost, the first thing you need is the style of double glazing.

What Should I Pay for Different Styles of Double Glazing?

Double glazing style plays a significant role in your double glazing cost. Certain styles of doors and windows cost more than the others. Others have a more complex manufacturing process which adds to their total double glazing cost. For example, a uPVC casement window may cost you around £300 for a 50cm x 50cm size. The double glazing cost of a same sized sash window may be over £500.

Similarly, a uPVC French door of size 120cm x 210cm will cost between £950 and £1,050. A bi-fold door of the same size, on the other hand, will cost you between £1,950 to £2,150. Thus, you can see, the style of the double glazing installation can have an impact on its cost. This is even without considering other factors.

Here is a price comparison chart for different window styles:

White uPVC 50cm x 50cm Casement Window: £250 – £300

White uPVC 50cm x 50cm French Casement Window: £450 – £500

White uPVC 80cm x 80cm Tilt and Turn Window: £400 – £450

White uPVC 50cm x 50 cm Sliding Sash Window: £525 – £600

3-Section White uPVC 240cm x 120cm Bay Window: £1,050 – £1,150

3-Section White uPVC 240cm x 120cm Bow Window: £1,050 – £1,150

Here is a price comparison chart for different door styles:

White uPVC 90cm x 210cm Front Door: £575 – £675

White uPVC Fully-Glazed 120cm x 210cm French Door: £950 – £1,050

White uPVC Glazed 90cm x 210cm Stable Door: £1,060 – £1,180

White uPVC Fully-Glazed 150cm x 210cm Sliding Patio Door: £975 – £1,075

White uPVC 120cm x 210cm Bi-Fold Door: £1,950 – £2,150

the double glazing cost of a bi-fold door is higher than a front door

How Does the Frame Material Affect the Double Glazing Cost?

In our earlier price comparison, we calculated the cost of different styles in uPVC. uPVC is the cheapest double glazing frame material. As a result, the fittings in this material are cheaper than the other frame materials, as long as all other things remain the same. So, what are the other frame materials?

Wood and Wood-Like Frames

Solid wood is the traditional frame material. It has been used for centuries. However, it is not a very sustainable option. Good quality hardwood frames can cost quite a lot. Softwoods like pine may provide a cheaper alternative. However, they require regular and intensive maintenance for the double glazing to last.

Engineered wood may be an easier option. This is made by compressing layers of wood in different configurations. It is more durable and requires less care. However, composite frames, which combine solid or engineered wood core with uPVC or glass reinforced plastic may be sturdier.

In terms of looks, composite and engineered timber can look exactly like wood. However, in terms of double glazing cost, engineered wood is the lowest priced. Composite can be more expensive, and solid wood is the most expensive. Composite front doors can start from £1,000 and go up t0 £1,200 for supply and installation. A solid wood door can easily be much more than £1000 depending on the type of wood.

Aluminium Frames

Aluminium is a great material for longer lasting double glazing. Unfortunately, it is also quite expensive. On an average, aluminium can be about 50% more expensive than uPVC. However, it does offer considerable benefits in return. Your double glazing cost for aluminium frames is offset by their durability. The material is also extremely strong.

Aluminium is better for the environment since it is completely recyclable. It has the widest colour selection. The strong material means you need slimmer frames for thicker glass. This makes them quite efficient. However, an aluminium front door may cost you about £1,500 for supply only.

uPVC Frames

uPVC, as we mentioned before, is the cheapest alternative. Any uPVC product will give you a lower double glazing cost for the same features than wood or aluminium. For example, we saw that wooden doors could cost upwards of £1,000 for softwood, and more for hardwood doors. Similarly, aluminium front doors were also high at about £1,500.

In comparison, a uPVC front door might be around £575 to £675.

Now, the low cost might be a huge temptation. However, bear in mind that uPVC frames generally don’t last more than 10 to 15 years. The material is not as strong as either wood or aluminium. As a result, the frames are bulkier. However, they do give good thermal performance.

What are the Different Glass Types for Double Glazing?

Glass can be a major variable in determining your double glazing cost. The price range can swing from £150 for standard float glass to £3,000 for specialised glass. Plain float or annealed glass is the cheapest option. Unlike what you might have heard, float glass can be quite tough. This is especially true in case of double glazed units.

Safety Glass

However, you can get toughened glass as well. If you want double glazing for windows that are lower than 80cm from the ground, it is actually a requirement. Toughened glass is a form of safety glass that does not break into shards. Instead, it disintegrates into crystals or ‘dice’ that aren’t as likely to injure you.

Laminated glass is another safety glass. It is coated with a thin plastic sheet. As a result, if it breaks, the pieces don’t scatter. Other safety glasses include bullet-proof, explosion-resistant, and fire-resistant glass. These are build to withstand impact, pressure, and high temperatures. The double glazing cost with these glass types can be quite high.

Performance & Decorative Glass

decorative glass will add to the total double glazing cost

Your double glazing also needs to provide thermal efficiency. You can use Low-E glass for this. The  U-value and g-value determine the emission grade of your glass. The better the heat retention and solar heat factor, the better the thermal efficiency. Moreover, the price is also higher.

Additionally, you can get acoustic glass for noise reduction. There is also the aesthetic value provided by glass with design. These designs can be lead designs, coloured patterns, frosted or textured glass, and more. All of these can affect the double glazing cost in varying degrees.

As a general estimate, the price of glass for a 90cm x 120cm double glazed casement window can be:

  • Ordinary Float Glass: £280 to £450
  • Laminated Glass: £300 to £470
  • Toughened Glass: £430 to £480

In What Ways Can Installation Affect My Double Glazing Cost?

Installation Charges

The first, and most obvious, way your installation cost can vary is based on the price of the installation company. A small local one-man installation company will have lower overheads. As a result, they won’t charge you as much as a larger operation. However, always look for accreditation with a Competent Person Scheme, like FENSA or Certass. Otherwise, their quality might be suspect. A national company might charge you more, but they will have consistent quality.

Number of Floors

The second way the installation cost can go up is if you want double glazing on a higher floor. If you want a window replaced or installed on the second floor, it will cost more than on the ground floor. This is because doors and windows are fitted from the outside in. This means your installer will have to put up scaffolding for your installation. Your double glazing cost will include the pre-installation setup expenses.

Similarly, custom-shaped doors and windows might have a higher double glazing cost of installation. These might require more work. This is especially true if your apertures are not the same shape as the fittings. In that case, the cost of reshaping the openings will inflate your double glazing cost.

Number of Doors and Windows

Finally, your double glazing cost also depends on the number of doors and windows you are replacing. You may think it’s obvious that more windows will cost more. However, after a certain number, generally 10, your double glazing cost stabilises. This is because the installer needs to install the scaffolding, whether you have 1 window or 20. However, for 20 windows, the cost of this setup is better value for him.


Let’s say an installer charges a certain amount per window. To earn 20 times that amount, he needs to install 20 windows. Now, he can install 1 window in 20 locations. However, that means the cost of moving, setting up, etc. It is easier for him if all 20 are in a single location. He needs to set up the scaffolding once. He doesn’t have to spend time in getting to the location. As for you, the cost of the scaffolding is divided up among more windows.

How Do Design Features Affect My Double Glazing Cost?

wood-grain finish and silver door handle add to the double glazing cost

You may be perfectly happy with a white uPVC fitting for your doors and windows. In this case, you can expect a fairly low double glazing cost. However, if you want different colours or finishes, it will increase your price. You can buy most of the standard colours at a baseline price. However, bespoke or non-standard colours and finishes will cost more.

For example, a plain white uPVC 50cm x 50cm casement window costs about £150 to £175. The same sized window in wood-grain finish will be £175 to £200.

Additionally, any fittings you want for your door will add to the double glazing cost. A basic white handle may be included in the price. However, a different colour or finish, like black or chrome, will increase your double glazing cost by £5-£10. If you want a front door with standard security, it won’t affect the cost. However, if you want enhanced security, it will be £5 per opener.

What Will My Double Glazing Cost Be for Better Thermal Performance?

Thermal performance is a very important aspect of double glazing. In fact, most people want double glazing for its enhanced insulation. However, thermal efficiency is not a fixed property. You can get varying degrees of insulation, depending on the glass, the seal of the double glazed unit, and the installation quality.

As we mentioned earlier, the type of glass makes a difference to the total double glazing cost.A low-E glass will cost you more, but also give you better heat retention. This is because it will have a low U-value, which is the amount of heat it lets out. It will also have a high g-value, which is the amount of solar heat it lets in.

The quality of the sealed double glazed unit is also essential for better thermal performance. In order to conserve the heat, a sealed double glazed unit is made up of two panes of glass with a gap between them. This gap has air or a gas like argon in it. In certain cases, the gap may be a vacuum for even better insulation.If the seal is of a poor quality, the gas will be able to circulate. With a vacuum, any break in the seal means air will be able to enter.

Finally, if the installer is not technically proficient, his installation may mean your double glazing isn’t a sealed fit. Therefore, even if the sealed unit is perfect, you will get a draught. Even worse, the heated air inside will be able to escape. This is why you should stick to reputed and reliable companies, even if your double glazing cost is a bit high. You will recover the difference with the savings in your annual energy bills!

What Do I Get for My Double Glazing Cost?

In order to get a good, competitive price, you should always approach multiple double glazing companies for quotes. This way, you can compare prices and pick the one that suits your budget. However, you should also be aware of what the quote should include.

A formal quote is as good as a legal commitment. If you agree to it, the company cannot add other expenses without your approval. This is why it is essential to get a complete breakdown of your double glazing cost. A trustworthy company will have no problem listing each item on your quote. They will also be happy to explain anything you don’t understand.

In general, you quote will include:

  • The cost of a full technical survey, including the results with drawings
  • Details of the products, including the style, size, number, colour, etc
  • The Windows Energy Ratings you have agreed upon
  • Security features, including if you want enhanced or regular fittings
  • Type of glass (whether you want standard, reinforced, patterned, laminated, etc)
  • Details of all hardware
  • External Cills
  • Installation Charges (Including installation material, like screws, sealants, silicones, fixings and trims)
  • Labour and Setup charges
  • The certification of their registration with FENSA or Certass
  • All guarantees you’re getting on products or your deposits
  • Details of removal and disposal of your old windows

a comprehensive quote will break down each aspect of your double glazing cost

How Do I Ensure a Competitive Double Glazing Cost?

Getting a competitive double glazing cost is not very difficult if you know what you want. It is simply a matter of being aware and staying firm. If you are looking for a way to get double glazing within your budget, here is what you should keep in mind.

Always Look for a Registered Company

Competent Person Schemes are set up to regulate the double glazing industry. If they admit a company, they do so only after assessing their quality and reliability. As a result, you get the benefit of their diligence. Moreover, approved companies are obliged to give you a certain standard of quality and benefits.

For example, FENSA and Certass offer guarantees and warranties. You can get up to a 10-year guarantee on your double glazing. They also give you a choice to back this guarantee with an insurance. Moreover, your initial deposit is protected. The company can’t just take your money and not complete the installation.

Do Your Product Research

If you know exactly what you want, you will have an easier time. You will be better prepared for the double glazing cost. In fact, if you do your research, you will already have a fair idea of what your double glazing cost might be. Further, your search will be more focused. For example, if you want wooden frames, you won’t waste time approaching companies that specialise in uPVC.

Similarly, there are double glazing companies that focus only on aluminium double glazing. You might find better quality products with them at a fair price, instead of someone who has a bit of everything. Such a company might not be able to give you a full range of designs and features.

Pay Attention to Sales Tactics

An honest salesman will give you your double glazing cost quote and explain it in detail. He will give you time to process, compare, and then decide. If he wants to push you into a quick decision, he may not be quite trustworthy. Also watch out for sales tactics where they offer you a ‘Just for Today’ price offer. If you fall for it, they will want a hefty upfront deposit.

Always take your time in making your decision. Get a quote, not an estimate. They aren’t the same thing, and an estimate may not be legally binding. Also, make sure you get it either on paper or as an email. Be aware that the double glazing cost quote will never be 100% accurate, unless you have had a technical survey. However, it will never be wildly off.

Look Out for Deals

Like any other industry, double glazing also has its slow periods. During such slow periods, usually around December, companies lower their prices or offer money-saving deals. Even if they don’t advertise a deal, you can still get a lower double glazing cost. This is because they might be willing to lower their rates to make a sale.

Ask for a Lower Price

When you first approach a company for your double glazing cost, they give you a slightly higher price. However, if you seem serious about making a purchase, they may lower it for you. Therefore, you may get a better quote if you simply ask for a lower price. As the saying goes, if you never ask, you’ll never know.

Compare Double Glazing Prices

compare prices for a competitive double glazing cost

Always, ALWAYS compare prices. You should get a quote from at least 3 companies before you make your decision. This is not just to ensure that you settle for a fair price. It also ensures that the companies you approach know that you won’t be fooled. If they see you armed with the double glazing cost from another company, they might give you a better price to win you over.

Comparing prices is a good way to get a general sense of the market. It shows you the variation in double glazing cost between different types of companies. You also get an estimate of the kind of service you will get. As a result, you are able to make a better, more informed, decision.

How Can I Get My Double Glazing Cost Right Now?

If you are looking for an affordable double glazing cost, why not start comparing with us? We have a handy online quote generator. This is a quick and easy way to get your double glazing cost without even leaving your home. Just enter your specifications and give the tool a few minutes. It will generate your personal double glazing cost quote and email it to you!

Alternatively, you can contact us online. Just fill out our contact form with your questions. We have a team of knowledgeable people, and one of them will be happy to help you. We can give you not only double glazing cost quotes, but also recommend approved installers in your area.

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Frequently Asked Double Glazing Questions

Can Double Glazed Doors be Fitted with a Pet Flap?

Depending on the style of door, a pet flap can be fitted as an extra service. The only exception is when glass panels feature on the lower half of the door.

How Much Do Doors Cost?

Your double glazed door cost will depend on specifications such as style, size, locks, glazing and door furniture. Double Glazing on The Web gives you the opportunity to create your very own unique door quote online. Start your free door quote today.

What Does UPVC Stand For?

UPVC is an abbreviation for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride which is used in window frames.

How Long Do Aluminium Windows Last?

Aluminium windows have a long life span and should last about 20-30 years. Any type of window will require some maintenance but overall aluminium windows are extremely strong and durable.

What Colours Do Aluminium Windows Come in?

There is an infinite range of aluminium colours available for your windows and doors. The aluminium RAL colour chart consists of virtually any colour you could think of, allowing you to achieve the perfect look for your home.

What Are U-Values?

A U-value measures how effective a window or door is as an insulator of heat. The lower the U-values the more energy efficient the aluminium window or door is.

Which Bi-folding Door Configuration is Best?

When choosing the arrangement of your bi-folding doors you need to consider the size and layout of your room. Outfolding bi-fold doors will take up less internal space when completely folded back and a left of right folding will be dependent on space available in your room.

How Long Does It Take To Install Bi-Fold Doors?

If a survey is scheduled within 48hrs then your bi-fold doors can be supplied and installed within just 6 – 8 weeks.

How Secure Are Bi-Folding Doors?

Bi-folding doors are extremely secure and are built with a high security locks as standard. Each of our double glazing installers will offer their own range of locking systems with additional upgrade options for all security conscious homeowners.

Are uPVC Doors Easy To Maintain?

uPVC doors are extremely easy to maintain and will never require re-painting or varnishing. Neither will a uPVC door rot or warp!

What Are Composite Doors Made Of?

Composite doors are made of a combination of high performing materials which is why they are so strong and incredibly long lasting. The composite door is made from: reinforced UPVC, fibreglass skin, high density foam and a water resistant composite materials.

Do Composite Doors Fade?

Composite doors feature a tough and durable skin where colour runs throughout rather than a simple surface coating. This means a composite door is not likely to wear or fade like the majority of painted doors. A composite door is very long lasting which also reduces the amount of maintenance required to keep it looking in top condition.

Do Composite Doors Need Painting?

Composite doors do not require re-painting. These low maintenance doors feature a water resistant GRP, coloured skin which keeps a pristine appearance year after year.

Do Composite Doors Warp?

A composite door will not warp like wood and won't require regular painting.

Can I Get Composite Side Panels?

Composite doors are available with matching composite side panels, your installer will offer you a choice of colours and glazing.

Is Every Composite Door Different?

There are different qualities to every composite door and they will vary between manufacturers depending on materials used. At Double Glazing on The Web we only put you in touch with the highest quality suppliers and installers.

What Do Stable Doors Look Like?

These country style doors offer charming aesthetics and are a stylish alternative to standard back doors, stable doors a great choice for any kind of property. This door is split in two halves which open independently from one another as well as function as a whole. Whether you are after a traditional stable door or more contemporary design with modern glazing, your double glazing installer will be able to offer you a wide range of options for your property.

Are UPVC Stable Doors Made To Measure?

Your UPVC stable door will be made to measure and tailored to your specifications given to your double glazing installer.

How Much Do UPVC French Doors Cost?

UPVC French door prices will depend on your personal requirements and specifications such as size, style and glazing. To get an average French doors cost use our door cost calculator for a free online quote.

Are UPVC Patio Doors Secure?

UPVC patio doors can be fitted with a choice of high security locks to make them extra secure. You can also choose from a range of glazing styles to further enhance the strength of your patio doors.

Do I Need Planning Permission For Patio Doors?

You may require planning permission for double glazed patio doors if you have a listed building or happen to live within a conservation area. Visit the V for more information.

How Do Sliding Patio Doors Work?

UPVC sliding doors operate on a smooth, easy glide system which allows for effortless transition. They are attached to metal or vinyl tracks which are fitted to the top and bottom frames and plastic rollers are added to ease the movement.

How Do Slide and Swing Doors Operate?

A multi-pane door with individual panes slides on a single track with no loss of space. Panes are able to operate individually with no visible hinges or hardware. The slide and swing door can open up spaces between rooms or between home and garden or even conservatory.

How Much Do Aluminium French Doors Cost?

Unfortunately our online quoting engine does not quote for aluminium however you can get a price by calling one of our advisors on: 0800 015 5679. Or alternatively, you can contact us using our online enquiry form.

Can Double Glazed Windows Reduce My Heating Bills?

When you install double glazing in your home or commercial property, it is likely that the extra heat retention will lessen the need to use central heating systems. In turn, this could mean you see a drop in heating bills. If you are concerned about your energy bills, it is easy to compare business energy or home energy online.

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