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    Double Glazing on the Web is dedicated to making it easier to get free, online quotes for uPVC windows.

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    Instant Double Glazing Prices

    Instant Double Glazing Prices

    Online guide prices for double glazed windows, doors and conservatories.

    Wide Choice of Double Glazing

    Wide Choice of Double Glazing

    A choice of both aluminium and uPVC double glazing products.

    Local, Recommended Installers

    Local, Recommended Installers

    Get free, no obligation quotes from trusted double glazing companies.

    Double Glazing Prices in Dudley

    The double glazing prices in Dudley are open to negotiation. That’s because there are so many installers competing against one another for each contract. So, if you have been worrying about cost, please relax – you’re bound to find a company that can complete your building works at a price to suit your budget.

    That said, it’s very important to research more than just double glazing costs in Dudley.

    Have you thoroughly investigated the products that are available on the market at the moment? Do you know, for example, how much it costs to buy an aluminium window versus a uPVC one?

    Have you looked in to colour schemes or thought about the finer details, like colour schemes and which handle types to use? These will all influence the final value of your quote.

    We can help you find the very best double glazing prices in Dudley today. Our uPVC Windows Calculator will provide you with an instant online quote – plus, we’ll call you with details of three local, recommended installers in the Dudley area.

    Recommended Double Glazing Installers

    Let’s face it, price is important when you’re thinking about making an important purchase. But double glazing isn’t something you want to take a risk on – as you will have to live with those new windows for a long time. That’s why it’s best to use recommended double glazing installers in Dudley that can complete your building works satisfactorily.

    How do you know whether a double glazing installer is trustworthy? Well, they need to be fully accredited and they should be charging you a fair price for the work. We supply price guides on our website, which you can refer to in order to see whether your chosen installer is under or overcharging you.

    We only ever recommend double glazing installers in Dudley that are accredited, reliable and have a good local reputation. Added to which, we send our customers details of three local firms – so they have a better chance of finding a suitable local contractor to complete their works, so they compare prices to see which quote best fits their budget.

    Get you free quote right now by jumping on to our quick and easy to use uPVC Windows Calculator – you could be talking to local installers within minutes.

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    Population:  312,925

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    How Much Does Double Glazing Cost?

    This will depend in part on the scale of your building project. If you need to find out how much double glazing costs in Dudley based on replacing all if your windows – including doors and, if you have one, a conservatory – then the cost will be higher than normal.

    You can, of course, control your costs by making pragmatic choices. In an ideal world you may want aluminium double glazing, for example – but this is the most expensive type you can buy. Instead, you could opt for uPVC, which is about half the price.

    If you are thinking about building a conservatory, look carefully at the different styles available. It’s possible to pay less but still end up with a finished product that fully complements your home. Edwardian conservatories are simple in design and provide a lot of floor space. Have a look at our conservatory resources page to find out more.

    How much does double glazing cost in Dudley?

    For a precise quote, use our UPVC Windows Calculator. Once you’ve completed the very simple step-by-step process, we’ll provide you with an immediate quote and ring you with details of local accredited installers near you.

    How Much Would it Cost for New Windows?

    What is your budget? This will necessariy influence how much it would cost for new windows in yout Dudley property. We spoke to a customer yesterday who wanted advice from local installers about the best UPVC windows for conservatories, for example; we were able to put them in touch with a local firm with the right level of expertise to help them.

    Design is just one of the considerations you need to make when researching the price of new windows in Dudley. Equally important is the longevity of the product and how thermally efficient it will make your home.

    A wooden framed window might look good – but can deteriorate over time if not properly looked after. Equally, if you buy a window that lets too much warm air escape, you will end up paying more money for your heating.

    Fortunately, most modern windows are great at retaining warmth and there are some fantastic alternatives to wooden framed windows, such as UPVC windows that mimic the appearance of wood grain.

    How much would it cost for new windows like these? Use our UPVC Windows Calculator to enter information about the sort of product you’re looking for and we’ll respond with a quote, as well as information about accredited double glazing installers near Dudley.

    How Do I Get The Cheapest Double Glazing

    This will all depend on why you need double glazing. If you have been looking at purchasing a new door, for example, you’ll already know that the prices will be higher than if you were simply buying new windows for your property.

    As an example, a standard UPVC-styled Stable Door that measures 9100mm x 2100 mm is going to set you back anywhere between £1060-£1180 – so it’s hard to say exactly how to get the cheapest double glazing in Dudley without finding out more about your requirements.

    Shopping around will help you to keep your overall costs low. Prices will vary from installer to installer, so it’s important to collect at least a few quotes to compare before making a decision.

    Although price should strongly influence your buying decision, it’s vital that you trust the company you choose. They may be able to get the cheapest double glazing prices in Dudley – but are they accredited and what do their customers have to say about them?

    At Double Glazing on the Web, we’ve spent years building an accredited and trustworthy nationwide network of double glazing firms that our customers can rely on.

    We’ve also made it as easy as possible for them to get quotes and get connected to installers in their immediate area. Visit our uPVC Windows Calculator and follow the step-by-step instructions and retrieve your quote.

    How much does it cost to double glaze 3 bed house?

    The figure that is often quoted is £4000, but don’t let this put you off. It’s hard to say exactly how much it will cost to to double glaze a 3 bed house in Dudley, as there are too many variables.

    It may be that some of your windows need replacing, but others don’t, in which case this will reduce your final cost. Equally, if you choose uPVC over aluminium, you could reduce your outlay by about 50%.

    We would recommend looking at the different window products available and then deciding whether your budget can accommodate your first preference. You’ll then need to think about extras – by which we mean the colour-scheme of your windows and whether you want locks that are more secure than those supplied as standard. As you can see, there is a lot to think about before you can find out the price to double glaze a 3 bed house in Dudley.

    Once you know what you need, use our simple uPVC Windows Calculator to get some quotes and start a conversation with three local installers near you.
    We’re confident you’ll find out how much it costs to double glaze a 3 bed house when you use our free no-obligation service.

    Welcome to Double Glazing on the Web

    Find out more about the team and process at Double Glazing on the Web. We have many years experience helping thousands of homeowners get an instant online guide price and find local reputable installers.

    Get in touch with us for more information and help regarding your latest home improvement project.

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    Featured Installers

    Armour Windows

    Armour Windows are professional suppliers of double glazed windows, doors, conservatories, bespoke porches and various roofline products. They are an open, honest and friendly double glazing company. They believe in no pressure sales and offer a variety of professional and bespoke home improvement products.

    Visit Website


    I had a conservatory built, plus a new front door, and Armour were Excellent. Every person who came for all aspects of the job were prompt and polite, and just got on with the job, working hard to complete their bit in time for the next stage. They went out of their way to get this finished for me to fit my timing. They did make 1 error, delivering the wrong glass pattern for the door , but rectified it without any issues Would highly recommend them.

    I've had over £10,000 worth of work done from Armour Windows and I can't fault them at all! Their service has been great and professional at all times. Any time that there was a problem it was rectified immediately without any issues. Can't fault these guys! Thanks again.. Sunny.

    Good after service support.

    Just had our home finished today by paddy and James from armour Windows. Excellent job well done guys.

    Carera Windows

    Carera Windows boast around three decades of industry experience, having installed windows, doors, conservatories and porches in the Dudley area since 1989. They offer a comprehensive ten year guarantee across all their product ranges, promising their quality as well as longevity. They also deliver a professional, personal service with every installation.

    Visit Website


    Replaced all our front windows and replaced front door for a composite door. Carera were very helpful and professional right from the start. No pushy salesman and the right price from the start, so no need for haggling. The fitters arrived exactly when expected and took 2 days to complete. They both got on with the job and were polite. They left the place cleaner than when they arrived and removed all the old windows and doors. So far, nothing to complain about and I would recommend Carera windows to anyone.
    Paul Dudley

    Had a lovely new front door and window surround fitted back in June as my old door was falling apart at the seams. I had a vast choice of styles and colours for both the glass and the door to choose from and Carera helped me pick something that would stand out and keep me warm and safe. The fitters were excellent and were done in just a few short hours. No mess and no fuss, and the guys in the office were friendly and helpful, keeping me up to date with when my door would be ready and fitted (which was only a few weeks between ordering and fitting). I would highly recommend this company.
    Hannah Carron

    Recently had a new back door fitted as the old door had been on for years and was very drafty. Great customer service and the fitters did a grand job. Super efficient and tidy. They arrived ahead of schedule and completed the job to a high standard. Would recommend this company and will use them again.
    Helen Bishop-Rowe

    Just had 3 new windows and front door. I have to say a Quality job all round. Excellent fitters friendly and left no mess. Quality product and a fair price. would recommend.
    Phil Davis

    What is the average cost of double glazing per window?

    This depends on the size of the window. If you just want a small uPVC window for your toilet, the cost could be as low as £150. Else, prices start at around the £350 mark, which will buy you a uPVC casement window that measures 1800mm x 1200mm.

    What is the average price for new windows?

    The price will change based on whether you want aluminium, wood or uPVC windows. Factors like size and quantity will influence cost too – as will any upgrades you make to the colour-scheme or security specifications.

    How do I get the cheapest double glazing?

    Shop around, don't accept the first quote you're given, and thoroughly research the types of products that are available.

    How much is triple glazing?

    Triple glazing will provide your home with superior soundproofing and thermal efficiency. That's why you'll be looking to pay about £110 more per window than if you purchased standard double glazing.

    Double Glazed Windows Price List


    uPVC Casement Window Prices (1 Opener)

    Casement Window Size Colour Guide Price
    500mm x 500mm White £250 – £300
    500mm x 500mm Wood Grain £300 – £350
    1000mm x 500mm White £275 – £325
    1000mm x 500mm Wood Grain £325 – £375
    1000mm x 1000mm White £300 – £350
    1000mm x 1000mm Wood Grain £350 – £400
    1200mm x 1200mm White £350 – £400
    1200mm x 1200mm Wood Grain £400 – £450

    Tilt And Turn Window Prices

    Tilt &Turn Window Size Colour Guide Price
    800 x 800 White £400 – £450
    800 x 800 Wood Grain £525 – £575
    1000 x 800 White £450 – £500
    1000 x 800 Wood Grain £550 – £600
    1000 x 1000 White £475 – £525
    1000 x 1000 Wood Grain £575 – £625
    1200 x 1200 White £500 – £550
    1200 x 1200 Wood Grain £625 – £675

    French Casement Window Prices

    Casement Window Size Colour Guide Price
    500mm x 500mm White £450 – £500
    500mm x 500mm Wood Grain £575 – £625
    1000mm x 500mm White £475 – £525
    1000mm x 500mm Wood Grain £600 – £650
    1000mm x 1000mm White £500 – £550
    1000mm x 1000mm Wood Grain £625 – £675
    1200mm x 1200mm White £525 – £575
    1200mm x 1200mm Wood Grain £675 – £725

    Bay Window Prices (3 Section)

    Casement Window Size Colour Guide Price
    2400 x 1200 White £1050 – £1150
    2400 x 1200 Wood Grain £1150 – £1250
    2400 x 1500 White £1125 – £1225
    2400 x 1500 Wood Grain £1250 – £1350
    3000 x 1200 White £1150 – £1250
    3000 x 1200 Wood Grain £1275 – £1375
    3000 x 1500 White £1250 – £1350
    3000 x 1500 Wood Grain £1375 – £1475

    uPVC Sash Window Prices

    Casement Window Size Colour Guide Price
    500mm x 500mm White £525 – £600
    500mm x 500mm Wood Grain £625 – £700
    1000mm x 500mm White £600 – £700
    1000mm x 500mm Wood Grain £700 – £800
    1000mm x 1000mm White £625 – £725
    1000mm x 1000mm Wood Grain £725 – £825
    1200mm x 1200mm White £725 – £825
    1200mm x 1200mm Wood Grain £850 – £950

    Composite Door Prices

    Composite Door Size Door Style Guide Price
    900mm x 2100mm Half Glazed £1000 – £1200
    900mm x 2100mm Arched Half Glazed £1000 – £1200
    900mm x 2100mm Arched Toplight £1000 – £1200
    900mm x 2100mm Solid Fire Door £1000 – £1500

    Bi-Fold Door Prices (2 Pane)

    Bi-Fold Doors Size Colour Guide Price
    1200mm x 2100mm White £1950 – £2150
    1200mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £2350 – £2600
    15000mm x 2100mm White £2050 – £2250
    15000mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £2500 – £2750
    1800mm x 2100mm White £2150 – £2350
    1800mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £2600 – £2850

    French Door Prices (White uPVC)

    French Doors Size Door Type Guide Price
    1200mm x 2100mm Fully Glazed £950 – £1050
    1200mm x 2100mm Half Glazed & Plain Panel £975 – £1075
    1500mm x 2100mm Fully Glazed £1000 – £1100
    1500mm x 2100mm Half Glazed & Plain Panel £1025 – £1125
    1800mm x 2100mm Fully Glazed £1075 – £1175
    1800mm x 2100mm Half Glazed & Plain Panel £1100 – £200

    uPVC Patio Door Prices (2 Panel)

    Patio Doors Size Colour Guide Price
    1500mm x 2100mm White £975 – £1075
    1500mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1225 – £1375
    1800mm x 2100mm White £1000 – £1100
    1800mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1250 – £1400
    2000mm x 2100mm White £1050 – £1150
    2000mm x 2100mm Wood Grain £1300 – £1150



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