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    Save £££s on your home improvements

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    Save £££s on your home improvements

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    Save £££s on your home improvements

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    Competitive Prices

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    Choice of Products

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    Trustworthy Suppliers

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    Double Glazing in Taunton

    Are you looking for double glazing companies in Taunton? Double Glazing on the Web can help you find the best companies and installers in your area, using our free zero-obligation online price guide for double glazing, bi-fold doors and conservatories.

    Using our double glazing cost calculator, finding your ideal quotes for double glazing has never been easier!

    Recommended Double Glazing Companies

    Finding the right double glazing for your property is very important, so we at Double Glazing on the Web are dedicated to connecting you and other customers around Taunton with reliable and trustworthy double glazing companies.

    We guarantee that the companies we work with are fully registered, to ensure you are confident with the work being performed on your property. You will get the pick of a wide range of windows in varying sizes and styles so you can be sure you get the best windows for your taste, property and budget.

    Taunton Information

    Key Facts

    Population: 549,447

    Double Glazing Repairs in Taunton

    Repairing old or broken double glazing, as well as upgrading single glazed windows to double glazed windows have been proven to almost half heat loss in the home. Nearly every double glazing company provides a repair service, and we can help put you in touch with the best quotes in your local area.

    Featured Installers


    CompareCompanies is a price comparison sight specializing in home improvement quote comparisons, allowing you to pick the best quotes in your local area for a number of different services.

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    Did the trick nicely - This was cut to the chase service and a time saver. Delighted.

    Profesionals from start to finish. - Arrived as arranged and started on boiler installation immediately. Worked quickly and efficiently as a team. completed the the job to the highest standard and cleaned away all debris. Finished with a tutorial on operation of the new boiler. Five Star job. Well done.

    I am amazed! - I contacted the top double glazing companies and was very disappointed with their response or lack of it. Their professionalism was sorely lacking but luckily I had, on a whim, contacted Compare Companies, who in turn recommended Green Kite Double glazing a company I had not heard of, and that was so fortunate they have such superior products and their representative was so thoughtful, efficient and professional, giving me the confidence to order a substantial amount of work from Green Kite.I have in my past career worked for the two top double glazing companies for over nine years, so I am not a layman but a fellow professional and well qualified to judge the quality of both service and quality.

    What is uPVC?

    uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and is a form of hardened plastic. All uPVC windows need to meet a u-value (meaning thermal efficiency) for Window Energy Ratings, and we will only recommend products approved within industry guidelines.

    How Quickly Will I Receive My Quote

    You will receive your three free quotes within 24 hours

    How Long Does It Take To Install Double Glazing?

    It takes on average around 30 minutes to fully remove and replace a window, although how long the job will take depends on how big the window is and how many windows you need installing.



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