Double glazing has been a standard in homes since the 1980s and the explosion popularity in uPVC. Old timber installations were starting to fail and UK homes had developed a reputation as being notorious heat leakers. Thermal efficiency was on a massive downtrend and energy prices were soaring. uPVC and double glazing came onto the scene to buck the trend and save UK homes from their extortionate energy costs. Homes right now are facing similar challenges because of particular world events in the last couple of years, so it is just as important as ever to have a firm grasp of what double glazing is and how it can help your home become more energy efficient.

The aptly named double glazing is the application of two panes of glass in a single installation, separated by an air pocket. This air pocket is either kept as a vacuum or filled with a thermally insulating gas, typically argon.

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Thermal Efficiency

With a single glazed window, there is ample opportunity for thermal energy to escape through the glass itself, or frame around the installation. Cold air from the outside will come into contact with a single glass pane and cool it down quite drastically. The warm air that is in the house will also be coming into contact with the single glass pane and because there is infinitely more cold air outside than warm air inside, the cold air always wins out. As a result, any warm air that is in the home is quickly cooled and if you want to keep the home warm, you need to keep using energy to do so.

By providing a window installation with two panes of glass that are separated by a thermal insulating gas, you circumnavigate any potential issues with heat leakage. The cold air that is coming into contact with the outer pane is blocked from coming into contact with the warmer inner pane because of the layer of gas. Thermal energy requires a conductor to pass from the interior to the exterior and if the layer of gas is not a thermal conductor, such as argon, the most widely used gas for a double glazed window, then the thermal energy is unable to pass between the panes. It is not completely 100% thermally efficient as this is essentially scientifically impossible unfortunately but the increase in thermal efficiency is exceptional.

Thermal efficiency is measured in U-values and shows in units of W/m2K. The U-value measures an installation’s ability to transmit heat from place to another. As a result, what you’re looking for when assessing double glazing from multiple installers, you’re looking for the lowest U-value as this will show that the installation transfers heat poorly, which means that it insulates heat well. Nowadays there are certain regulations the government has put in place to ensure that all installers provide a baseline thermal efficiency in their windows. As long as you find an accredited installer, the thermal efficiency of your home should be up to standard.

Noise Reduction

Double glazing also works in similar ways for reducing noise in the home. Sound moves in a form of energy, in the same way that heat does, through the air and creating vibrations that are picked up by our ears.

As sound travels through the air, it will eventually pass through dense objects such as walls, doors or windows. As sound travels through these objects, the vibrations are absorbed by the static molecules in these objects, the denser the object, the more absorption takes place. The vibrations continue through the object but now at a much lower rate. Which is why if you put your ear to a door, you can hear quite clearly what is going on inside, but if you step away from the door, you hear drastically less.

In the same way that having two panes of glass keeps thermal energy from transferring from the outside to the in, the extra layer of protection keeps sound vibrations from passing through at an uncontrollable level. The majority of double glazing installations will feature a laminate layer on the inside of the inner pane that acts as extra thickness for the window. It provides density to the installation as a whole and helps to absorb sound waves as they pass through the window keeping your home unaffected by the noise from outside.

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Double Glazing from Double Glazing on the Web

Double glazing is a modern innovation that has become standard across all homes in the UK. It uses the double glazed panels and the air pocket created between them to insulate the home from thermal leaking. The insulation created by the setup doubles up as a sound barrier, keeping excessive noise out of the home and keeping the goings on from within private.

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