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Dog and Cat Flaps in Double Glazing

January 13th, 2014

Cat Flaps in Double Glazing

Not only built for your pet’s benefit, a cat or dog flap means looking after your pet is kept hassle free. 

The UK is a nation of animal lovers and admittedly, we all want to make sure that our pets are pampered and well looked after.

Dog and cat flaps allow our pets the necessary freedom to come and go as they please. Our furry friends are not the only ones to benefit from these additions, as pet owners cat and dog flaps allow us to be hassle free.

Can Animal Flaps Be Installed in Double Glazing?

Of course. Double glazing doesn’t mean your animals will be confined to the house. Double glazing offers a range of benefits, including the use of dog and cat flaps.

It is best to purchase your animal flap after discussing your door specifications with your installer. Buying a dog or cat flap without knowing the exact thickness of your door panels is not wise. Some animal flaps may not be designed to fit double glazed doors so it is always best to check with your supplier beforehand.

The pet flap itself can even be supplied by the company in question, with some companies offering cat and dog flaps as well as double glazing.

Dog & Cat Flaps in Double Glazing: Energy Efficiency

Cat Flaps in Double GlazingAn animal flap is likely to affect your doors insulating properties so you want to choose a door with high energy efficiency.

A double glazed door provides you with just that. This is why so many home owners choose double glazing.

Flaps can easily be installed during the manufacture of your double glazed door so it is best to let your installer know about your needs before the ordering stage. It is likely to be a lot cheaper than incorporating a cat or dog flap at a later stage.

Dog and Cat flaps in Existing Double Glazing

Cat Flaps in Double GlazingYou will want to avoid installing the animal flap yourself, especially if you lack the appropriate tools.

If you do decide to go DIY then you will want to approach with caution, creating a hole in a UPVC double glazed door isn’t easy.

It can prove to be a costly mistake if anything goes wrong.  As with any double glazing, damage caused to the unit can result in air infiltration and misted glass.

If you think your glass needs replacing, then you can simply contact your installer once your dog or cat flap is installed. They will be able to replace the glass quickly and professionally.


The majority of you will install double glazing to enhance your homes security so it makes sense that you won’t want that compromised. As dog flaps are bigger in size, they are generally advised against. Big enough to crawl through, it’s easy for intruders to break-in.

Cat Flaps in Double Glazing: Size & Location

If you are looking to replace your old double glazing, then you will want to consider the location of cat or dog flap.The most practical place for a cat flap is the bottom panel of a kitchen door. It is normally positioned in the middle or as near to the floor as possible.  It is sometimes recommended that you measure the distance between your cats stomach and the ground, for an accurate placing.

You will also have to consider the size of the cat flap. How big is your cat? The animal flap must be chosen with your pet in mind. Going for a bigger cat flap will be easier than putting your cat on a diet.

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Do you want more information on dog and cat flaps in double glazing? Find out more on the incorporation of animals flats anf talk to one of our trusted suppliers today.

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