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Double Glazing Industry Standards

December 14th, 2013

double glazing prices 2014 1Let’s talk about double glazing industry standards. In order to benefit from energy saving windows, doors or conservatories, your systems must be fitted by fully trained and accredited installers.

Double glazing bodies such as FENSA and Certass have set certain industry standards to which a certified installer must follow. A trusted installer will proudly display their logo on their website or marketing materials as it shows their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Always ask you installer for proof of credentials. A quality installer will provide quality products.

Double Glazing Bodies

There is a number of double glazing regulatory bodies out there, whose aim is to protect consumers like you, from cowboy builders. Below we list the important ones to look out for when seeking an accredited installer.


fensa-logoFENSA was set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) and other bodies in response to Building Regulations in England and Wales. When installing new windows and doors, you must have proof of thermal efficiency. A certificate from FENSA or your local authority is needed to certify their compliance to current Building Regulations.

All FENSA registered companies are regularly assessed by an independent inspection body. FENSA requirements ensure that the consumer is fully protected.

Benefits of choosing a FENSA Installer

  • 10 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • FENSA Certificate
  • Your Property Will Be Compliant With Building Regulations

Choose a FENSA registered company and you will be covered. Even if its just that one window, you will be fully protected.


Certass_Certification_and_Self_Assessment_accreditationCertass was first licensed in 2006 as a non for profit government approved Competent Person Scheme. Certass works in a similar way to FENSA. A Certass certification is awarded to companies who work in compliance with Building Regulations.

Benefits of a Certass Installer

  • Deposit Protection
  • A 10 Year Guarantee
  • An Insurance Policy

Double Glazing Obudsman

dgcos_logo (1)The Double Glazing Obudsman Scheme or DGCOS, is a regulatory body which vets and accredits UK double glazing installers. This means that when you use a DGCOS registered company, you can expect full protection. If a customer is not satisfied with the level of work their company provided, they can register their complaints.


trustmark-tradesmen-2012TrustMark registered companies are endorsed for their compliance with Government approved guidelines and standards. If you are after great peace of mind then choose a TrustMark installer. Trustmark tradesmen are regularly evaluated, with all companies being credit checked upon registration.

Double Glazing Reviews

It is important that, when choosing double glazing for your home, you have quality information on your purchase. Knowledge is crucial. To find out more information about you chosen company then seek useful feedback from past customers.

The majority of installers are registered with Checkatrade. A site which lists trusted tradesmen in the UK. Customers are able to leave honest feedback on their company. You can read through their recommendations in order to make a better, informed decision.

Asking The Right Questions

Research as much as you can about your chosen company and products. What is the window energy rating? Does it come with a warrantee and guarantee? These are just some of the questions you need to ask your installer.

Helpful Questions

  • Are the windows internally glazed?
  • Does it come with high security locks as standard?
  • How long is your guarantee?

Cowboy Builders: Can You Spot Them?

replacement windows 3Think you can spot a cowboy builder? Sometimes it isn’t as easy as looking at a company’s accreditations. Many companies can produce fake ID and accreditations, as well as fake reviews. This is a common fear faced by many consumers so how do you spot them?

Catching The Cowboys

Thankfully, cowboy builders are in the minority but it is still important you take the necessary precautions in order to protect your home from dishonest workmen.


Research their past history and ask to see details of previous work. A dishonest installer is likely to avoid this.


Cowboy builders will try and avoid contracts. Beware of this tale tell sign.

Cheap Double Glazing

Cheap double glazing doesn’t necessarily mean quality. If a company pressures you to part in cash for a special one day offer, then walk away.

Trust Your Intuition

If something feels off, then it probably is. Trust your intuition. If you do not have confidence in your chosen company then don’t go ahead with the purchase.

Finding Reputable Tradesmen

Finding reputable tradesmen is obviously the first step in securing quality double glazing. At Double Glazing on the Web we can help. Having searched the UK for trusted tradesmen, we have a wide network of fully checked and accredited installers.

All the members in our network are registered with industry regulatory bodies and meet all double glazing industry standards. All you have to do is start your free online quote today. Our double glazing prices calculator will give you immediate prices for your double glazed windows and doors.

Alternatively, you can call us on: 0800 954 8085 and our friendly advisors will be happy to help with your enquiry.

The Double Glazing on the Web Guide to Regulatory Bodies

August 18th, 2013

Regulatory bodies for the double glazing industry are as essential for installers as they are for consumers. Unfortunately, the double glazing industry as a whole has, perhaps, an unfair reputation as being a network of cowboy companies and rip-off merchants. Industry bodies were set up both to challenge this assumption and ensure that consumers only deal with trustworthy local companies and suppliers.

They are also an important means of quality control for the industry, ensuring that all double glazing companies exhibit standards of best working practice. Consequently, greater consumer confidence in the industry is encouraged, with each body acting as a safeguard to ascertain that these standards are maintained both during and after installation.


fensa-logoAs a regulatory body, FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme) is perhaps the first and foremost authority on double glazing developments. It’s a government backed organisation that was initially set up by the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) to provide consumers with a reliable reference of reputable companies.

A key benefit of using a FENSA certified installer is that all FENSA members comply with current thermal performance standards. This means that they only install windows and doors with an energy rating of Grade C or higher, ensuring the energy efficiency of all new glazing installed.

Despite the fact that there are no current legal requirements that make the use of a FENSA certified installer mandatory, the time and money saved by using one is pretty much a no-brainer.

They commit to taking care of all the necessary practical details, including issuing certificates that state that all completed work was carried out within the scope of the latest building regulations. This is particularly important to bear in mind if you’re thinking of moving in the near future, as your solicitor will need this documentation to prove that your property adheres to these guidelines.


Certass_Certification_and_Self_Assessment_accreditationA widely recognised double glazing authority, Certass is a not for profit government backed body established in order to encourage consumer confidence in the double glazing industry.

To register as a member of Certass, contractors are critiqued on namely two things: the quality of their product, and the professionalism of their service. Members of Certass comply with all building regulations, and can consequently provide consumers with a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate on completion of work carried out.

Although Certass is a relatively recent body, it provides consumers with numerous long-term benefits. One main gain of using a Certass certified installer is that you’ll be provided with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee. This provides comprehensive cover should anything go awry with your glazing. A Certass accredited installer will also take care of the registration of your windows and doors with a local authority, at no extra cost or inconvenience to you. Another advantage of using a Certass registered fitter is that they offer consumers an extensive insurance protection policy, providing cover should a company cease to trade within the 10 year guarantee period.


dgcos_logo (1)

The Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme (DGCOS) is a regulatory body which vets and accredits double glazing installers across the UK. The DGCOS consistently monitor their installers to ensure they meet the highest standards of workmanship as well as customer care.

Consequently, all consumers who use a DGCOS accredited company are ensured to receive protection throughout the entire process from initial buying right through to installation and after sales service.

The DGCOS also provides consumers with a free service to investigate any complaints made against DGCOS members. This service includes the following: free mediation, free independent inspections, free arbitration as well as compensation funds available after awards made by the ombudsman.


trustmark-tradesmen-2012TrustMark is a not for profit organisation which is licensed by Government and supported by various consumer protection groups. TrustMark endorses local, ethical companies in a variety of trades which work within Governmental approved standards and guidelines.

There is no cost to the consumer in using a TrustMark registered company. TrustMark credit checks all companies before joining their scheme so you can be confident you are dealing with a financially sound double glazing installer.

TrustMark members are expected to perform to high standards of workmanship as set out against recognised British, international and industry standards. As a result, TrustMark carry out regular checks on their companies through their approved Scheme Operators which include a range of organisations such as trade associations, local authorities and trading standards etc.

Why You Should Choose a Checkatrade Approved Supplier

August 2nd, 2012

We have all heard about cowboy builders and unfortunately some of us will have had the misfortune of being on the receiving end of their shoddy workmanship. It really can be heartbreaking when the brand new home improvement you have saved up for and looked forward to turns out to be a letdown because of poor and dishonest tradesmen.

When you are looking for a company to install your replacement double glazing one thing to look out for is the Checkatrade logo. Checkatrade is an independent body set up to provide consumers like you with accurate information about the companies you choose to do work on your home.

You can go on to the Checkatrade website and read reviews from other consumers who have used the double glazing company you are considering. You can see detailed ratings for different factors such as Tidiness, Courtesy and Workmanship. This information will help you make an informed decision about the company you choose to install your replacement UPVC windows.

Double Glazing on the Web are a Checkatrade Approved supplier. We operate a nationwide network of trusted local installers all of whom are fully accredited by a double glazing industry monitoring body. You can also find some of them on Checkatrade for that extra peace of mind. It is important to remember that along with their accreditations and recommendations our entire network of double glazing companies has been fully vetted by us. At Double Glazing on the Web we care about our reputation for being open and honest. That’s why we give you instant double glazing quotes online. So when you use a local double glazing company that has been approved by us you can be sure of quality workmanship, excellent products and professional aftercare.

Introducing the Double Glazing Industry’s Monitoring Bodies 6: TGO

July 10th, 2012

Perhaps one of the lesser known double glazing industry monitoring bodies is TGO or The Glazing Ombudsman. You may not have heard of them but if you use a company who is a TGO member then there are many benefits that they can provide you as a consumer.

The Glazing Ombudsman is an independent Not for Profit organisation which is a big plus in a world often obsessed with making profit and the bottom line. The objective of The Glazing Ombudsman is quite simple. To offer consumers protection when they buy double glazing.

There are several benefits to using a TGO member to install your replacement UPVC windows. Here are a few of them:

  • If you use a TGO member for your double glazing then the service is free.
  • They are a completely impartial body so will address any issues without bias.
  • If you need to call upon them for a dispute you retain your full legal rights.
  • You will never have to get involved with a lawyer or take part in uncomfortable face to face meetings.

For more information on The Glazing Ombudsman why not have a look at their website here.

Another benefit of using a TGO member for your double glazed windows is they fully vet all of their members and make sure they adhere to their Code of Practice. This ensures that you will receive an excellent service from a reputable double glazing company. To read The Glazing Ombudsman’s Code of Practice please click here.

At Double Glazing on the Web we make sure all of our trusted network of local installers are fully accredited by a double glazing industry monitoring body such as The Glazing Ombudsman. That’s why you can use us with confidence!

Introducing the Double Glazing Industry’s Monitoring Bodies 5: The BFRC

June 26th, 2012

The BFRC is The British Fenestration Rating Council, an industry body set up to provide consumers with information about the energy efficiency of the windows they purchase. When considering double glazing The BFRC Window Energy Ratings are a simple and easy method of determining various factors about the performance of replacement windows.

All windows that have been rated by The BFRC will display one of their traffic light style labels showing the energy rating on a simple alphabetical scale, A being the most energy efficient double glazing, G being the least. The label will also display more technical information about the windows’ performance that will enable you to determine how effectively they will conserve heat and act as a windbreak.

For further information about The BFRC and their Window Energy Ratings please have a browse through their website here

Double Glazing on the Web make sure that our national network of trusted installers are registered and monitored by one of the industry’s established bodies. That’s why you can use us with confidence! If you would like us to put you in touch with a trusted local supplier near you please call us on 0800 954 8085.

Introducing the Double Glazing Industry’s Monitoring Bodies 4: The GGF

June 26th, 2012

The GGF is The Glass and Glazing Federation, a large organisation that represents companies throughout the glazing industry including suppliers, fitters and manufacturers of windows, glass and glazing products in the UK as well as internationally.

They are recognised by the government as an authority within the glazing industry and are influential in the setting and maintenance of legislation such as Building Regulations which ensure the standards of building work and construction throughout the UK.

Double Glazing companies who are members of The GGF will have a proven competency of installation and meet all industry standards for the fitting of UPVC windows. They continually vet their members to ensure a continuing high level of workmanship and professionalism. To find out more about The GGF why not visit their website here?

All the trusted installers who are part of the Double Glazing on the Web national network are members of a recognised industry body such as The GGF, so you can be confident of a skilful and high quality service for the installation of your UPVC windows.

If you would like an idea of how much your windows will cost before you speak with an installer then you can get a double glazing quote on our website. Choose your desired double glazing styles and designs and you will see an online price in no time!

Introducing the Double Glazing Industry’s Monitoring Bodies 3: DGCOS

June 19th, 2012

Double Glazing Conservatory and Ombudsman Scheme | DGCOS


The DGCOS stands for the Double Glazing and Conservatory and Ombudsman Scheme. The organisation make sure all of their accredited double glazing members are regularly vetted so that when you use a company that carries the DGCOS accreditation, you can be confident that you will receive a professional and high quality service along with the protection the scheme has to offer.

When you have your windows and doors replaced by an accredited installer you will benefit from comprehensive buyer protection including free deposit protection, a free comprehensive guarantee and a free insurance backed guarantee. For full details of what this entails further information can be found on the DGCOS website.

As one of the double glazing industry’s monitoring bodies, DGCOS will also investigate any complaints free of charge which includes free mediation, free independent inspections and free arbitration so when you have UPVC windows, doors or a conservatory fitted by a member you can do so with complete confidence.

Double Glazing on the Web have a national network of trusted local installers. In order for a double glazing company to be part of our network they must be registered with an industry monitoring body so you can be certain of an exceptional service when they install your new replacement windows and doors.

If you would like us to find you an accredited and professional double glazing installer in your area then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 954 8085.

To get a good idea of the cost of double glazing before you speak with an installer you can get a quote on our website. You will need to take the measurements of your windows first and then you should be able to get a quote in just a matter of minutes.


Introducing the Double Glazing Industry’s Monitoring Bodies 2: Certass

June 19th, 2012

Certass is a competent person scheme that ensures that the workmen who fit your new double glazing are fully trained and make sure current Building Regulations are met. It is licensed by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Certass has been operating since 2006 and was set up to raise and maintain a high standard of installation throughout the glazing industry. They vet all members to ensure that they comply with UK Building Regulations.  Homeowners that have installations completed by a Certass member are supplied with a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate from their local authority. For more information on Certass and the services they offer why not pay a visit to their website?

At Double Glazing on the Web we ensure all members of our trusted network of local installers are registered with an established monitoring body.  You can therefore be sure of the quality of replacement windows and doors they supply and fit. If you would like us to put you in contact with a trustworthy and accredited double glazing company in your area please give us a call on freephone 0800 954 8085.

To see a guide price for double glazing you can get a quote on our website. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs and add various extras to ensure that the double glazing price you see online is accurate as possible.


Introducing the Double Glazing Industry’s Monitoring Bodies 1: FENSA

June 18th, 2012

One of the largest double glazing industry bodies is FENSA – the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme. They operate throughout England and Wales and ensure that companies comply with Building Regulations for window and door installation.

FENSA fully vet all the double glazing companies that they register with a Pre-Approval Inspection. They regularly assess these companies using an ‘independent inspection body’ to ensure their continued standard of windows and doors installation.

All installations that fall under FENSA’s remit have a 5-10 year insurance backed guarantee available. When a double glazing company that is registered carries out an installation they will provide the homeowner with a FENSA certificate that confirms the work has been carried out to a professional standard and that it complies with all current building regulations.

When considering replacement UPVC windows and doors Double Glazing on the Web recommend you use an accredited company. That’s why all of our trusted network are accredited local installers by a recognised industry regulatory body.

If you would like us to put you in touch with an accredited double glazing installer local to you please call us on 0800 954 8085.

Who are the Double Glazing Industry Monitoring Bodies?

June 18th, 2012

As a home owner having double glazing installed in your property is an important decision. You will want to know that you are getting value for money and high quality UPVC windows and doors. Luckily there are several double glazing industry monitoring bodies that accredit the companies who are members of our national network, so that you know you will receive the service you deserve.

At Double Glazing on the Web we recommend that you always use a company that is accredited by an industry monitoring body in order to give yourself peace of mind and security.

There are several industry monitoring bodies and over the next few blogs we will be introducing a few of the largest, which are:

FENSA (Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme)
DGCOS (Double Glazing and Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme)

If you would like further information please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 954 8085.

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