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Very Trustworthy

November 28th, 2014

“I have heard about cowboy builders and was worried the company wouldn’t be reliable.

But Double Glazing on the Web makes sure everyone is CheckaTrade approved, giving me peace of mind.”

Mrs Wimble

Quoted – 1 French door

Safety First

November 25th, 2014

“About a year ago I was broken into and haven’t felt safe since. I’ve had new windows and doors fitted and all the locks changed.

Double Glazing on the Web were able to provide me with information on the safest of locking systems for my new fittings.

Now I can sleep easy.”

Mr Poppins

Quoted – 10 windows, 1 front door, 1 back door

Easy to Keep Clean

November 22nd, 2014

“As I work full time I have little time to spend keeping my home spotless.

My new tilt and turn windows however, have made it so much easier to clean my windows without even having to go outside.

Recommend them to anyone who is busy.”

Mrs Malpass

Quoted – 7 tilt and turn windows

Friendly to the Environment

November 20th, 2014

“I am an avid recycler and am practically self-sufficient producing home grown food from my garden.

I will only buy products that are 100% recyclable or that are not going to harm the environment. I am very happy with my new windows that I researched to be 100% lead free and recyclable.”

Ms. Fisher

Quoted – 5 uPVC windows

Great For Sound Proofing

November 14th, 2014

“I live very close to a busy main road so needed windows to help cut down on the noise of the traffic.

Thanks to Double Glazing on the Web they were able to provide me an installation that had acoustic glass, especially designed to minimise noise pollution.”

Mr Poppy

Quoted – 7 uPVC windows

My Remote Location Wasn’t a Problem

November 9th, 2014

“I was concerned my location would be a problem as I live in the middle of the country side and access is fairly difficult.

Double Glazing on the Web provided me with a local installer that was happy to come to my property and fitted my new front door without any trouble.

Very happy.”

Mrs Shakespeare

Quoted – 1 Composite door

Planning Permission Wasn’t a Problem

November 5th, 2014

“We wanted a large conservatory fitted to the back and side of our property, to really open up our living space.

We required planning permission to do so but the local installer and surveyor Double Glazing on the Web recommended for us did all the hard work.

Everything was so easy, we couldn’t wait to get our new conservatory.”

Ms. Unsworth

Quoted – 1 P-shaped conservatory 

Great Quality Windows

November 1st, 2014

Great Quality Windows

“I do not have a lot of extra money for things like home improvements, but the windows I had fitted were very cost effective and I didn’t have to cut back on quality.

I got everything I wanted from my new windows and at an affordable price.”

Miss Hester

Quoted – 5 uPVC windows 

Speedy Service

October 31st, 2014

Speedy Online Double Glazing Service

“The whole process from start to finish was so quick and easy. Right from calculating my online quote, to seeing the surveyor, to the installation.

I would definitely recommend Double Glazing on the Web to anyone.”

Mr Spencer

Quoted – 1 Victorian conservatory 

The Advantages of Casement Windows

September 22nd, 2014

The Benefits of Casement Windows

In spite of the fact that there are other styles of windows available in UPVC & aluminium (inward opening tilt ‘n turn, sliding sash, French double openers), casement windows dominate the replacement window market as the most popular choice of home owners.

The advantages of casement windows are many and varied and that’s what we’d like to explore in this blog.

Casement Windows

Casement Windows & Ventilation

The casement window is definitely the best choice for ventilation. The opening bit (known in the trade as the sash) can be fully opened to the elements giving the maximum in fresh air and natural light.

Casement WindowsCompare that to a traditional sliding box sash window where the arrangement of the opening parts will only allow half of the window area to be opened.

Most casement windows also have a secure night vent position. This is positioned by opening he window a small amount and clicking the window handle into the closed position.

This will engage the locking mechanism in the frame so that the window is securely opened just enough to allow the room to be ventilated. The handle can be key-locked in this position to give additional security.

Casement Window Trickle Vents

Another option is to have a trickle vet installed. This is required by building regulations is the window being replaced has a trickle vent or if the new window is being installed in a new building or extension.

A trickle vent can be fitted in the opening sash or in the top of the outer frame. It ensures that the air in the room is regularly changed and is especially useful in rooms that are prone to condensation, such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms.

Casement Window Side Opening Sash

Casement WindowsAnother advantage of casement windows where ventilation is concerned is the operation of a side opening sash.

When the sash is open it serves as a flap to catch breezes that blow along the side of the building, funnelling air into the room.

A great deal has been said about double glazing being most effective when it seals your home from the outside elements.

Don’t believe a word of it. You and your home need ventilation and convenient, efficient ventilation is one of the main advantages of casement windows

Casement Windows & Safety

Safety should be at the top of everyone’s list when considering replacement UPVC windows. And another one of the advantages of casement windows is that they incorporate the greatest range of security devices.

Casement WindowsModern UPVC casement windows are opened, closed and locked by actuating a single handle which turns through ninety degrees.

They are also equipped with strong stainless steel hinges that are made to resist levering by opportunist intruders.

All that said, its nice to know that those same hinges that hold the window so securely closed will also allow the window to open ninety degrees to provide an escape route in the event of fire.

Side Opening Casement Windows

Lets have a look at a side opening casement window. With the handle at the horizontal position, all of the locking mechanisms are disengaged and the window can be fully opened.

When the window is pulled towards the closed position there is a spot just before it is fully closed where the locking mechanism can be engaged, allowing secure ventilation. This is called the night vent position.

The window can be key locked in this position for additional safety. During normal operation, the window would be pulled to the fully closed position.

Easy To Operate

When the handle is turned ninety degrees the locking mechanism will pull the sash hard against the frame and you’ll hear the handle click into place.

Casement WindowsThis sound means that the locking devices have been engaged and the handle can only be moved back to the horizontal by depressing a button which is incorporated in the handle design.

This makes it impossible to actuate the handle from the outside. The handle also has a key lock which, when engaged, prevents the window being opened from the inside.

The locking mechanisms come in many designs and will include all or some of the following;

  1. Bolts that are fitted to the hinge side of the opening sash and engage with receptors in the outer frame.
  2. Shoot bolts that extend from the opening sash and secure the handle side to the outer frame.
  3. Dead bolts that operate in the same way as dead bolts on doors.
  4. Mushroom bolts that pull the opening sash hard against the frame and ensure the smooth operation of the locking mechanism as well as giving extra security. These complicated but effective locking mechanisms are your guarantee of security for you and your family and they are demanded by most home insurers.

You might also like to ask about child restrictors which allow the window to be opened a bit, but not enough for a curious child to escape.


Casement WindowsOne of the advantages of casement windows is their sheer practicality. With a single handle, they are easy to open and close.

And the single lever handle engages and disengages all of the locking devices.

There is also the matter of curtains. An inward opening window such as a tilt and turn window requires that curtains are fully opened when the window is opened. Not so with a casement window.

The only limiting factor is the size of the opening and this has to do with the weight loading of the hinges. However, with all of the design options available, this is rarely a problem.

Low Maintenance

Casement windows require very little maintenance. The moving parts (hinges, locks, lock mechanisms and handles) should be regularly treated with a light lubricant to keep them in perfect working order and all that the frames and glass need is an occasional wipe with a non-abrasive cleaner.

Casement windows are also available as top hinged push out windows and double openers that open like French doors.

So, with all of these advantages it is easy to see why casement windows are the most popular replacement windows in the UK.

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